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Thread: Where is this patch from ???

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    Devil's advocate: Remember that bust a few years ago that the FBI did with fake "game worn" jerseys sold to memorabilia houses and card companies? At least in event worn, you know for sure that the jersey was probably in the vicinity of the player. lol

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    Thanks for posting these photos. I haven't seen them in a while but they remind me why I can't stand rookie jerseys.

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    I don't get why this bothers people? Not that this is unusual for me so don't freak out....I just don't get why when you look at your sick patch than find out it doesn't have the players stinky sweat on it from a NHL game it suddenly ...stinks! Or rather doesn't actually smell like the inside of a hockey bag. On the other hand, I can see why ITG authentic Game used stuff like a Joliet JS swatch is historically attractive, Because it must be extremely RARE!!!....But, To chop it up into little tiny squares must be painful to do??? A jersey like that must be worth a small fortune unlike todays game used jerseys which are sold the end of every year, There for after the Rookies season is over.

    If you want a real gamer rookie patch, than you would have to be patient and wait until his second year to get his patch Rookie card, but that would be sacrilegious to have to wait that long in today's instant gratification society.

    Anyhoo not looking to argue, just tossing another view out there for thought...I wonder what % of people would be thrilled to pull a Mackinnon Cup ARP/99 with a beautiful patch completely obscured by blood? Maybe more than I would think, after all people put "game used" baseball gum...all chewed up on Ebay for good coin.

    They are dentist's to famous people who have pulled teeth of Elvis or who ever, and people will pay 30K for a dead guys body part...Yuck! I digress, different strokes for different folks eh!
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