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    Arrow buying cards of the players on my sig!!!!!!!!!

    buying cards of the people on my sig.lmk me what you got.thank you

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    whats the status of the cards you wanted to buy from me.

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    what roy williams are you collecting? i have a 04 foundations rookie jersey bv $20

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    roy williams the one that plays for the dallas cowboys.and what cards did i wanna buy from you???

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    hey, once you get the winslows and jones, would you like to buy some kobe and amare base? ive got a few.

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    ok just give me a list.ill see if i dont have and if i like ok.can you give me the list now??

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    hey i still have the kobe edge gameball, and the amare jersey, also got a sweet 2000 flari showcase guaranteed fresh kobe BV5, lmk if u want anything thanks

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    the flair isnt, its just a cool insert, but the gameball is a gameused, lmk thanks

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    how much for the kobe game ball and the amare gu and the kobe insert???plmk me thank you.

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