I need anything from the categories of these 2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves. Looking to complete it, my Reggie Miller set, my Legends Poker Chips set, my Ebi set, and my Smush Parker set before my B-day on July 8. PLMK what you have and want! Will trade in your favor! This is the list, so plmk. Thanks!!!!!

Timberwolves Wantlist (all Wolves must be a card made in 03-04):

Kevin Garnett: 2 inserts, numbered
Michael Olowokandi: insert, numbered
Wally Szczerbiak: numbered
Latrell Sprewell: 3 inserts, numbered
Sam Cassell: 3 inserts, numbered
Ervin Johnson: 1 base
Trenton Hassell: 1 base
Gary Trent: 1 base
Mark Madsen: 1 base