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    need to get the cc back up-HOF/Stars for trade

    hey i need to get my cc back up, have all of these star and HOF base for cc, will trade them cheap

    rc debut(have a lot of semi stars just ask)
    Topps Total(simi stars just ask)
    stars have left: Dirk, Jrich, Elton Brand, Ray Allen, Manu topps chrome, bowen topps chrome

    1991 Fleer:
    Have all older stars and HOF inlcuding Jordan, just ask for someone

    Also have 2 car posters i can move, one is an auto, ask for more info
    Have 2 Golf Head Covers ask for info and price

    need cc so make any offer and ask for anything

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    hey rick all i got left for jordan right now is 91 fleer base, lmk if u want it thanks

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    do u need anything else, the 25cc isnt worth a deal cause of the shipping, do u want anything else lmk thanks

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    I don't collect basketball, but I used to somewhat collect Jordan so that's all I would need.

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    i also got a few golf a couple football, football i got 2005 spx carson palmer and chad johnson base, lmk thanks

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    I'm not a Bengals fan. The only football I'd want would be Urlacher or other Bears RC's and other football rc's.

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