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    went to a show,best one of my life!! got TONS of high end cards!hofers!stars! look!!

    I went to the rosemont chicagoest for liek 2 hours and I got these cards at it!!!

    2004 Fleer EX Greg Maddux auto /37: 55.00
    2004 Leaf Limited Kerry Wood button 3/6: 45.00
    2005 Trilogy Ken Griffey Jr. auto /199(Mariners): 50.00
    2005 Trilogy Andre Dawson GOLD auto /35: 11.00
    2005 Trilogy Khalil Greene GU jersey /99: 4.00
    2005 ToppS Pristine Andre Dawson GU jersey: trade deal
    2005 Leaf Century Collection Andre Dawson GU bat /250: 5.00
    2005 Donruss Champions Aramis Ramirez GU jersey: 5.00
    2004 Throwback Threads Andre Dawson GU jersey/bat /50: 8.00

    I sold my:
    04 lcm fotg prior auto/jsy 1/3
    ultimate dual patch /10
    derrek lee sterling bat /25
    concepcion jumbo jsy
    dual jsy of wood/green /200
    trilogy musial gu
    manny trilogy gu
    1 other common GU

    So basically gave all of those for the ones listed, I owe my dad 20.00. I went there with no money and came back with no money and owe my dad 20, but I think I made out sooooo good!!!!

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    nice haul pm me if you ever feel like giving up the maddux and griffey autos

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    sorry those r firm pc, alwyas wanted an auto of those guys in my pc, even thoguh the maddux isnt an auto, its like a piece or like ancient carving(cnat even read what it says lol).....thanks!!

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    Personally I thought the show was a joke.......the dealers were way higher than ebay prices on everything including the low end stuff....

    Just my opinion....I did do over 2K in sales, but I only left there with one card.....

    Looks like you did good, must have missed all the deals on friday or something.

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    well a maddxu auto for 55?? Come on it sells for 75 on ebay lol. Wood button for 45, thats fair for it, its a grat card witha stripe, Jr auto for 50, maybe like 2 bucks over avg. ebay sales but I liked it so much, the dawson auto is so nice, bv is 40 I think I read, and the khalil is liek 1/3 bv, and then the gu the bottom three I just got to add to my collection, I think it was a great show. Did you see any of the tables, the guy with the maddux auto?? or the ones in the way back, thats where I got most of my cards...I had to bargain also, the wood guy came down 15 in price, the worst they can do is say no......thanks though,

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