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    Do People Actually Collect Cheerleader, Peeler & Movie Star Cards?

    I saw a couple of threads in December on here, I cannot remember where, where I saw women I have never heard of before in skimpy bikinis with Bolt-ons, and their cards were outrageously priced. I have no idea if they were Cheerleaders, Peelers, Disco-Dancers, or Cocktail Waitresses

    Do people actually collect these things? Mercy ..

    Also do people collect Hollywood Autographs, and who makes those?

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    Are you talking about Benchwarmers for the women?

    Also a lot of Hollywood autograph cards go for a good amount on eBay if they are famous enough. I know Leaf makes them now with their Pop Century and Pop Culture themed sets but before you could find autographs of people from different shows and movies from various card companies.
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    Yeah benchwarmer is a popular set with non-sports fans. There are also sports illustrated sets with models. As for prices, as with all sets, some cards are more desirable than others.

    As for hollywood autos, there are sets that are often designated to specific TV shows and movies (star wars, james bond, star trek, etc.). There also more general sets like the ones mentioned above like Pop Century.
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    I got a box of Benchwarmers cards last year, and got a few of them signed ttm
    Some of the models are actress's, some are adult actress's but I don't really collect them like I do with sports cards.
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