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Thread: I need a bv help on a 1/1 card

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    I need a bv help on a 1/1 card

    I need a bv help on this 1/1, I not sure how much in bv I should ask for it.

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    hey im not sure but i think that might be a fake 1/1, i have never seen the 1/1 chicago stamp before, but see what other people say

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    Nice Card!! I dont think anything that rare will have a BV.Just what someone would pay for it.I would say at least 100-150.Just my opinion.

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    Thanks for the replies
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    I would guess more in the 50-60 range honestly. Im not sure how many people really consider those a "1/1", but regardless its a nice card. Ive seen quite a few of those, different players of course. But its really all up to how bad someone wants it in the end.

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    chris webber...not much more needed to say. a cool card. but id say 50 bucks unless you can find a die hard webber fan!! nice card though

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    well, it does look sorta fake, b/c companies don't have like "Chicago" on it. Plus, its upside-down in the case! I dunno if its real or not, but nice card.
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Etopps are "upside down" in the case. as far as the stamping goes id be skeptical.

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