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    Cheapest Boxes Online in Canada??

    Want to buy a few boxes. Got the itch and was wondering what is the best place/cheapest to order in Canada??

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    check breakaway sports cards out, they are from hamilton
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    can you buy from steelcity or dacardworld. If so, they are the best online.

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    What about cases? Would they be the best for price? Also (A bit off topic) but is there anywhere that sells Pokemon cards by the box/case at cheap prices? And yes, I have a young son who is now crazy into Pokemon LOL!

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    Both ship from the US, correct? If so for us Canadians, it simply isn't worth it due to S&H, customs and taxes.
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    can you buy from steelcity or dacardworld. If so, they are the best online.

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    yes dacardworld is new york and steel is pittsburgh

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    try they are based in Ottawa

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    Theres also, based in PEI. Haven't used them yet, prices look OK though. Plus they carry Pokeman cards too.

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    miraj in ottawa, second biggest selection in the country, and great prices/deals!!

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    Thanks guys. I know that someone else started this thread, but I really wish we had a sticky for Canadian on-line sellers somewhere.

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