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    Looking for 2003 Finest Refractors; Reg, X, and Gold

    I'm looking to make some progress in my 2003 Finest Collection.
    I need Refractors, X-Fractors (#/99), and Gold Uncirculated X-Fractors (#/199). The Gold need to still be sealed in their cases.

    Here's a link to what I have and need:

    LMK if you can help.

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    i have a larry walker gold still in the case lmk

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    I can use it. Do you have a Ripken or Tejada needs list?


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    no i don't have a needs list do you have a trade list?

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    I have a #'d list on my site. Otherwise, LMK what you can use and I will check for inserts/parallels.


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