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Thread: Small lot For sale CHEAP!

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    Small lot For sale CHEAP!

    Dont collect Basketball and dont want these around taking up room, but more over < I need $9 exactly from a bet I lost. First $9.00 Takes this lot:::

    Rashard Lewis 05/06 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabrics (white swatch)
    Jameer Nelson 05/06 Upperdeck Rookie Review Materials (white swatch)
    Tracy McGrady 05/06 UD Reflections Fabric Reflections (white swatch)
    Bryon Russell 04/05 Upper Deck Slam "Slam Dunk Swatches" (purple swatch)

    Kirk Snyder 04/05 Skybox NBA Hoops RC 0516/1750
    Luke Walton 03 UD Finite RC 0668/1500
    Brian Cook 03 UD Finite RC 0244/1500
    David West 03 UD Finite RC 493/750
    Steve Nash 03 UD Finite 1000/2999
    Andrei Kirilenko 03 UD Finite 0528/1000
    Rasheed Wallace 03 UD Finite 041/500
    Eddie Jones 03 UD Finite 109/299
    Bonzi Wells 03 UD Finite 228/299

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Tracy McGrady 05/06 UD Reflections Fabric Reflections (white swatch)
    how much for this card?

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    fellas, are either of u interested in the lot, its $9 DLVD, what u see is what I got


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    fact81_i pmed you.i can use the hole lot only the tarcy mcgardy and the roy williams (DALLAS) gu jeresy

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    how much will you sell the roy williams dallas cowboys player gu??lmk iam intersted in it.thank you

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