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    Question Jordan 23-kt gold card Upper Deck - worth?

    Can someone help?

    I found a 1995 Upper Deck Michael Jordan 23-kt gold card, #1769 of 25,000

    Does anyone know roughly what it's worth, if anything.

    Can't find anything on


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    i am not sure how much it's worth, i also got it when i was child and i also got one who is shaq gold ,i remember i bought it from some TV program

    however if you put it to ebay, i guess it sell no more than 10

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    damn, that meant I probably bought it from a home shopping network some time back when, and just forgot about it.

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    lol..not fun when you buy something, and years later, it's worth even less.


    oh well

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    I would like to have this card so if one of u would like to trade it lmk

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