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    Any interested in buying auto baseballs?

    I have these available

    Orlando Hernandez
    Alfonso Soriano
    Robinson Cano/ Aaron Small
    Willie Mays
    Willie McCovey
    Steve Carlton
    Harmen Killabrew/Rollie Fingers
    Ted Lilly
    Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    These really dont belong in the High End Trading Area. Try posting them in the MISC area.

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    Lol, not a problem. Just thought Id tell ya. You can ask a Moderator (orange or grey colored names) to have it moved for ya.

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    what you want for mays, carlton, or kilbrew/fingers

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    Mays around 100
    Carlton around 30
    and Killabrew/Fingers around 50
    Also willing to trade depending on if you have prospect autos available

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