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    Going to a card show, anyone want anything?

    Hi i am going to a card show in cleveland on Thursday. If there is some specific wants people have i will look for them. I plan on handing the dealer a slip of paper with some specifics wants and see what he can do.

    If you want me to look for something for you please post. Only taking single card wants from members with 30 feedback and cards must be under $20 sell range. First 3 people who respond i will look for. thanks

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    i would be intrested in anybody in my sig or any 04/05 fleer tradition

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    I am going to look for SPECIFIC SINGLE cards for people who have MORE THAN 30 feedback.

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    would i have to buy the autos or trade? if theres anything u need from my site i could use brendan haywood's sage auto and sage gu if u see any thing from my site cause i can't buy right now

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    It would have to be bought unless you have Reggie Miller or Tayshaun Prince serial numbered cards or 05/06 chrome. LMK ASAP, i am leaving tomorrow

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    i have a granger rc and johan petrorc steve francis base and some nbdl rc from topps chrome...

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    So, how you gonna work this? I collect Jason Richardson for basketball, but I dont want you to pick something up, and me not need it or something.
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    Any RARE, 1/1's, printing plates, etc...Larry Johnson cards/items. Will pay top dollar for any one found.

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    any specific wants Vikingfan01? i dont want to give them a list with 100 cards.

    pjcopeland - you have 0 feedback sorry i wont be able to help you.

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