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    Few High Ent Autos Fs Before I Put Them On Ebay!

    wanted to see if anyone here wants to buy them before i put them on ebay soon:
    Vince Young ASpire SP auto
    Leinart HIT DFS auto/100 bv $150
    Leinart Aspire 5 star auto/25

    lmk if anyone wants to offer a price for any of these b4 i put them up for auctions. thanks

    or also i will trade for a good offer of my want list, Rivers and Ro.Brown especially!

  2. Kronozio
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelersRock2453
    Whats 5 Star Auto book?
    no book yet. the Write stuff auto/25 books $250 so thinkin around there. $200-250

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