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    Card Cash for sale to boost Paypal funds.

    I am selling all of my card cash to boost my Paypal funds. I just got eBay and I want some money in there to start buying. Just post your offers, and I whoever is the highest bidder by like tomorrow, I will PM, to confirm. Thanks, and let's start the bidding.

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    Oh, and by the way it is 852 CC's of cash.
    Thanks, Niko

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    you said you'd give it to the highest bidder, and I don't see any other offers, but ok.

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    ya, but I need at least 1$ per 100, because that is what a bunch of other guys are giving it out at.

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    ya, I don't wanna spend $8.50 on CC right now. Would you sell some of your CC instead of it all? I can give you $5 for 650 CC. LMK.

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    no thanks, I need at least $8.52 for it. I want at least a cent per $1.00

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