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    2006 Bowman Chrome & Bowman Prospects (Full List w/Parallels) In Order & FT/FS

    Here is my complete list of what I have from 2006 Bowman & Bowman Chrome Prospects. If you need any regular set (1-220), just let me know who or what numbers. Wantlist is at bottom, or send sites or lists, or offers.

    2006 Bowman Prospects Chrome, Bowman Prospects Chrome Parallels (refractors & xfractors), Bowman Prospects, Bowman Prospects Gold:

    BC=Bowman Chrome
    BP=Bowman Prospects
    BPG=Bowman Prospects Gold

    1.Alex Gordon(ROYALS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    2.Jonathan George(REDS)-BC(x4), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    3.Scott Walter(ROYALS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    4.Brian Holliday(PIRATES)-BC(x2), BP(x2)
    5.Ben Copeland(GIANTS)-BC(x4), BP(x3)
    6.Bobby Wilson(ANGELS)-BC(x4), BP(x3)
    7.Mayker Sandoval(REDS)-BC(x2), BP(x1)
    8.Alejandro De Aza(MARLINS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    9.David Munoz(PIRATES)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    10.Josh LeBlank(ANGELS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    11.Philippe Valiquette(REDS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    12.Edwin Bellorin(DODGERS)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    13.Jason Quarles(PIRATES)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    14.Mark Trumbo(ANGELS)-BC(x5), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    15.Steve Kelly(REDS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    16.Jamie Hoffman(DODGERS)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x4)
    17.Joe Bauserman(PIRATES)-BC(x4), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    18.Nick Adenhart(ANGELS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    19.Mike Butia(INDIANS)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    20.Jon Weber(DODGERS)-BC(x2), BPG(x2), BP(x3)
    21.Luis Valdez(PIRATES)-BC(x2), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    22.Rafael Rodriguez(ANGELS)-BC(x2), BC Xfractor 062/250, BP(x4)
    23.Wyatt Toregas(INDIANS)-BC(x1), BP(x4)
    24.Jon Vanden Berg(PHILLIES)-BC(x3), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    25.Mike Connolly(PIRATES)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    26.Mike O'Connor(NATIONALS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    27.Garrett Mock(DIAMONDBACKS)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    28.Bill Layman(ANGELS)-BC(x4), BP(x3)
    29.Luis Pena(BREWERS)-BC(x1), BP(x1)
    30.Billy Killian(PADRES)-BC(x4), BP(x2)
    31.Ross Ohlendorf(DIAMONDBACKS)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    32.Mark Kaiser(ROCKIES)-BC(x5), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    33.Ryan Costello(BREWERS)-BC(x1), BP(x3)
    34.Dale Thayer(PADRES)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    35.Steve Garrabrants(DIAMONDBACKS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    36.Samuel Deduno(ROCKIES)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    37.Juan Portes(TWINS)-BC(x2), BC Refractor 391/500, BP(x2)
    38.Javier Martinez(PADRES)-BC(x3), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    39.Clint Sammons(BRAVES)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    40.Andrew Kown(TIGERS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    41.Matt Tolbert(TWINS)-BC(x4), BP(x1)
    42.Michael Ekstrom(PADRES)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    43.Shawn Norris(NATIONALS)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    44.Diory Hernandez(BRAVES)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    45.Chris Maples(TIGERS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    46.Aaron Hathaway(METS)-BC(x3), BP(x2)
    47.Steven Baker(PADRES)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    48.Greg Creek(BRAVES)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    49.Collin Mahoney(TIGERS)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    50.Corey Ragsdale(METS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    51.Ariel Nunez(GIANTS)-BC(x3), BC Refractor 226/500, BP(x4)
    53.Eric Rodland(TIGERS)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    54.Dante Brinkley(METS)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    55.Casey Craig(MARINERS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    56.Ryan Spilborgs(ROCKIES)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    57.Fredy Deza(ORIOLES)-BC(x1), BP(x3)
    58.Jeff Frazier(TIGERS)-BC(x3), BPG(x2), BP(x3)
    59.Vince Cordova(METS)-BC(x1), BP(x3)
    60.Oswaldo Navarro(MARINERS)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    61.Jarod Rine(ORIOLES)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    62.Jordan Tata(TIGERS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    63.Ben Julianel(YANKEES)-BC(x4), BP(x3)
    64.Yung-Chi Chen(MARINERS)-BP(x4)
    65.Carlos Torres(NATIONALS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    66.Juan Francia(TIGERS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    67.Brett Smith(YANKEES)-BC(x2), BP(x2)
    68.Francisco Leandro(DEVIL RAYS)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    69.Chris Turner(RED SOX)-BC(x3), BC Refractor 493/500, BP(x4)
    70.Matt Joyce(TIGERS)-BC(x4), BP(x2)
    71.Jason Jones(YANKEES)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    72.Jose Diaz(RANGERS)-BC(x3), BC Xfractor 136/250, BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    74.Nate Bumstead(TIGERS)-BC(x4), BP(x2)
    75.Omir Santos(YANKEES)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    76.Shawn Riggans(DEVIL RAYS)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    77.Ofilio Castro(NATIONALS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    78.Mike Rozier(RED SOX)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    79.Wilkin Ramirez(TIGERS)-BC(x1), BP(x4)
    80.Yobal Duenas(YANKEES)-BP(x4)
    81.Adam Bourassa(ANGELS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    82.Tony Granadillo(RED SOX)-BC(x2), BP(x2)
    83.Brad McCann(MARLINS)-BC(x4), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    84.Dustin Majewski(BLUE JAYS)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    86.Mark Reed(CUBS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    87.Asdrubal Cabrera(MARINERS)-BC(x6), BP(x3)
    88.James Barthmaier(ASTROS)-BC(x2), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    89.Brandon Boggs(RANGERS)-BC(x4), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    90.Raul Valdez(CUBS)-BC(x3), BP(x4)
    91.Jose Campusano(MARLINS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    92.Henry Owens(METS)-BC(x1), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    93.Tug Hulett(RANGERS)-BC(x2), BP(x2)
    94.Nate Gold(RANGERS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    95.Lee Mitchell(MARLINS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    96.John Hardy(PHILLIES)-BC(x3), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    97.Aaron Wideman(BLUE JAYS)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    98.Brandon Robers(REDS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    99.Lou Santangelo(ASTROS)-BC(x3), BC Refractor 293/500, BPG(x2), BP(x1)
    100.Kyle Kendrick(PHILLIES)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    101.Michael Collins(ANGELS)-BC(x2), BP(x4)
    102.Camilo Vazquez(REDS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    103.Mark McLemore(ASTROS)-BC(x5), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    104.Alexander Peralta(PIRATES)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    105.Josh Whitesell(NATIONALS)-BC(x3), BP(x3)
    106.Carlos Guevara(REDS)-BC(x2), BP(x3)
    107.Michael Aubrey(INDIANS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x2)
    108.Brandon Chavez(PIRATES)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x3)
    109.Leonard Davis(NATIONALS)-BC(x2), BPG(x2), BP(x2)
    110.Kendry Morales(ANGELS)-BC(x3), BPG(x1), BP(x1)

    219.Kenji Johjima(MARINERS)-B(1), BGOLD(x1), FINEST(x1)
    220.Craig Hansen(RED SOX)-B(x3)

    -Albert Pujols (Anything, I mean ANYTHING!!)
    -St. Louis Cardinals [Current & Retired (base, inserts, numbered, autos, game used, rookies, etc!)]
    -Mark Teixeira
    -Mark Buehrle
    -Joe Montana
    -Autographs, Game Used, Patches, and #/ed cards I can use (send list or site)

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    still need a chrome alex gordon. what bv are you looking for in trade?

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    ok. any interest in a bonds g/u bat? if not, i'll see if i have any of your wants

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    hey man, i got that 2002 Fleer Tradition Albert Pujols Lumber COmpany GU bat card still for trade...Im looking for 2005 bowman draft pick first still, if u had any there i would prefer...thanks, just pm me

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    sorry no need for him

    sorry dont have any, what i got is on this list

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    off the top of my head, i know i also have these if interested:

    1969 topps lou brock (have to check the condition)
    1982 topps joe montana
    2002 Playoff piece of the game manny ramirez g/u fielding glove #/50
    2005 DK HOf Heroes tom seaver dual g/u #/25
    2005 Ud HOF orlando cepeda auto

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    nothing there, i could use the montana but the lady i get them for has that one

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    crap! let me see if there is anything else i have for the gordon (i doubt it though).

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    rbi, I could use this 58.Jeff Frazier(TIGERS) BPG, just 1 of the gold. Have a Pujols gold I can trade. Can also use the following base gold cards, 126 Bruce Chen, 161 Garret Anderson, and 167 Garrett Atkins if you have them.

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