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    Is it worth Grading these Brons?!?!?

    I pulled a few lower end Lebron Rookie cards (Regular Upper Deck and UD MVP) and still have em. Condition looks good, pack to toploader and case. And with it being $8 to grade minimum each, is it worth it for these? Idk there bvs...

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    Btw, please Lmk soon. Id like to (If majority thinks I should) send them out tomorow.

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    hey if u know ur going to get a mint 9 or a gem 9.5 then it is, 8.5 is ok but anything less may not be worth it

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    Do you have any idea on the like value they will increase at 8.5 - 10? Im pretty sure there both at least 9s. Corners are mint, etc.

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    hey the BV for the mvp lebron 9.5 gem mint is 50 and the mint 9 is 25

    for th ud i think it would be a fair amount more than the mvp, good luck

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    Thank you man, appreciate the help. Im pretty sure Ill grade em both then.

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    What do you plan to do with them once they're graded?
    If PC, then sure go ahead.
    If sell or trade, I wudn't. I got some stuff graded (8.5-9.5) and when
    they come up in a trade/sell discussion, people tend to want to
    low-ball and offer ya non-graded value.
    Just my 2 cents...

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    Ugh, really? I was hoping to preserve them for long term value probably. But Idk. If I trade, and they graded well, Id definitely want the premium.

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    It will preserve the cards and makes them look really kool and presentable. I wont trade for less that graded hi-BV either. Just letting you know my experience from the offers I get.
    Here's 2 fairly recent examples:
    BGS9.0 Tom Brady Mystique RC, BV $60-$100, I offered to sell for $50 dlvrd.
    BGS9.5 Brett Favre AP RC, BV for a 9.0 is $30, I offerd to sell for $20 dlvrd.
    Both cases...Buyer wudnt touch it.

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    Not bad prices at all. But who knows, some people hate cases. I dont mind terribly, but to each his own.

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