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Thread: how do you value your cards

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    Question how do you value your cards

    i was just wondering does how you got a card affect what you would ask for it.say you pulled a high end card out of a 20 dollar mixed box would you be willing to take alot less than bv or would you treat it as if you pulled it from the more expensive hobby box,also if you got a steal on ebay for some reason and you knew of someone who collected that player would you pass on your good fortune or would you sell it for what it,s worth just a couple of things i,ve been kicking around,need some opinions thanks in advance spuds

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    depends how well you know the person i guess..if its a friend then you would pass on your good fortune (possibly sell it to them at the same price you paid) but if its someone you dont know, sell it to them at current market value...just my 2 cents

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