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    What would this sell for on the Bay or privatly?

    Luol Deng Bull Horn Patch/Auto

    Awsome looking Patch!!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Yes it is and for any of you haters who think its a fake its not i can assure you of that....

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    ebay people would probably would bid any where from $50-100 i know its a wide range but it just depends on whose on ebay and if they really want it or not

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    Is that a little chipping on the bottom left corner of the patch? I'm just curious. Also is the card #'d? I figure it to be serial #'d pretty low becuase of the great looking patch & auto. I would tend to agree with chip on this one but, would say closer to $100 rather than $50.

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    I am about 90% sure that that's a fake patch. Fleer didn't include logos like that on those kind of cards and there have been a ton of hoops hot prospects fake patches.

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    nice patch.try to sell it on bay.i agree with chip and sfknights.i think maybe 75$-100$

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    On the card it says GU patch if you look close and the ?bull" is located on the back above the players name......Got the card today and there is a small chip were the bulls horn goes under the patch but its not huge.....

    Thanks for the Input card is #d out of 180 and i saw it pulled so i know it isnt fake

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