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    More retail box troubles - From Wal-Mart

    I got bored today so I went to buy a 9.99 retail ultra football.. I opened the box to find NO FOAM IN THEM... I told my dad not to go anywhere because I will probly return these if they are damaged.. Sure enough, all corners were damaged.... Needless to say I put that money back in my pocket and bought some extra drinks with pops for an early fathers day present.

    Thankfully they accepted the return with no hassle. I am not sure how other retail boxes are but I am not going to take anymore chances with em.


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    Jay same thing happened with me with a press pass blaster. The cards werent damged though and I didnt even try to return it. I guess someone opened up and just looked for thick cards? Who knows

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    Press Pass isn't using foam this year. I am glad, what a waste of money and damages the enviroment.

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    happy that u got ur money back, just been hearing story after story about this. really makes me glad that i am staying away from retail stuff also.

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    i just wonder what mister security guard is doing while all these card thieves ravage the retail stores boxes i really think they should just put their cards behind locked glass cabinets and if someone wants a box let them get it and reseal the cabinet,too many horror stories on this subject i would rather just order hobby boxes from a dealer off the internet take care spuds

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    pack searching at wal-mart is common..

    Wow, thanks for the heads up!!

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    pack searching at wal-mart is common..

    Now they've moved to ravaging & resealing boxes too!!!

    Just kills me knowing it's probably a sorry "Older" gent, UNREAL!!
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    it's not older people i know of someone that does it and he is probably in his 30's. Goes to all wal marts checking them out. No one in their right mind would get retail.

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    Here is some info you may want to keep in mind about Wal-Mart. My cousin is a return representative at Wal-Mart and has given me this info to share:

    They will accept a return for any item they sell in the store. If you have a receipt you can return the item for cash. If you don't have the receipt you can return the item for store credit. So just so you know they will take ANY item back, damaged, opened, no matter what it looks like. If the item is sealed they will reshelf the item, if the item is opened they will check the item. If the item is in good shape they will reshelf it on the discount isle, if it isn't they put it with the damaged inventory.

    Those people that open the boxes do not do it in the store; rather they open it outside the store, take what they want and then reseal the item for return. Those people that don’t reseal the box replace the good cards with commons and then return the box. Also, many people that open packs in the store get caught, you may not see it happen inside, but they usually get nabbed on the way out. Wal-Mart will allow pack searching because the person is not opening the item. The explanation I got was "it is like fruit, you are allowed to feel fruit to see which one you want." pretty stupid policy but I guess it makes sense (even though they don't fruit for sale at the Wal-Mart near me).

    So what can you do? Here are some things to look out for. Check the box, don't just pick it up and buy it. See if there is damage to the cellophane wrapping on the box. Also many card companies use a wrapping with their logo on it, but some do not, if there are 5 boxes of 1 item, see if they have a similar wrapping before you buy one. Next, box openers do not open the box itself using the conventional method of tearing the tear strip. What they will do is use a box cutter or exacto knife and cut the bottom fold of the box. The do this because they can re-glue the bottom of the box and it makes it look unopened. Look to see if the folds on the box are undamaged. It isn't hard to notice a damaged flap even through the cellophane wrapping. Lastly, if you have a bad feeling about it, don't buy it.

    If you have any other questions I will try and answer them, if not. Good luck with your box busting.



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