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    Question Panini to be exclusive NFL trading card maker with Topps getting the boot?

    Normally I don't listen to rumors on blogs and stuff like Twitter but with ITG's owner already saying on this site that somebody was going to land the NFL exclusive contract for cards and that it would be a "shock" months ago I'm more inclined to believe this.

    Would you like to see Panini be the only NFL card maker? Would you miss Topps? Would you want Topps to make unlicensed cards for football? Good news for the NFL card market? Bad news? Anybody have information to shoot down the rumor? Any info to add to the rumor?
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    I wish there was competition in all of the 4 major sports leagues as far as producing cards goes. MLB=Topps; NFL = Panini (This is an absolute crime, by the way); NBA = Who cares! NHL = Upper Deck. This cannot continue if the sports card industry expects to survive into the next decade.

    I agree with 49er - I also wish the photography for NFL cards was better. Upper Deck and the photos they use in their Series 1 & 2 hockey cards are simply fantastic, there's no other way to describe them. Would it be that difficult for Topps to use some good action photo's once in a while instead of the standard "NFL-guy-standing-around" pics?

    If there was an award for most buzzwords used across all marketing campaigns, Panini would be the winner until the end of time. They are marketers, first and foremost. Then, they look at marketing, and then they focus on marketing and being marketers. After that, they are thesaurus-searchers, as each and every post, blog entry, and piece of marketing material contains any big buzz-word or other such BS they can throw together, like: Industry-standard; Legendary; Unparalled; Massive; Stacked; Magical... It's enough to make you want to puke, if you dislike marketers and marketing as much as I do. :fighting0016:

    Designing and producing a quality, eye-appealing product that is affordable to more than the top 5% of collectors is somewhere down around #472 on Panini's "To Do" list, it seems, after marketing and bilking as many customers for as much cash as they possibly can. Instead, they reproduce the same garbage year after year. Prizm, in my not-so-humble opinion, is complete crap. In fact, the one and only set that I think Panini produces that is worth the cardboard it's printed on is Totally Certified. They toss out one or two products designed for the low- and middle-tier markets, and everything else is aimed at the high-middle to high-end markets. How many products do they have where there are more than 10 packs and/or 50 cards in a box? Not to mention their player auto selection - How many people have pulled a Panini auto and said, "Who's this guy???"?

    As I've stated before, when Topps stops producing NFL-licensed football cards, I stop collecting football cards. Period. I'm not going to waste a single dime of my money on the land-fill material that Panini produces. Their designs are putrid, their prices are absolutely ridonkulous, and their appeal is on-par with what's left behind after a herd of cows is done grazing. Their retail offerings cannot dream of touching those of Upper Deck, let alone Topps - Does that say something about their retail products or what?!?

    If the sports card industry is ever overtaken by Panini (and God help us if that ever comes about...) my days of collecting sports cards are done, with the exception of searching out older football and hockey products.

    Yeah, if it wasn't clear enough, I don't like Panini at all. And I don't begrudge anyone who does - Everyone's opinion is different, and that's where life gets some of its spice. :-) In all seriousness, I'd rather stop collecting than have to buy a Panini product because it's the only company producing something I (used to) like.

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    One can only imagine how much worse it will get once they have no competition. At least right now, I can buy a blaster box of score, and get an insert and a rookie in each pack. Wait 2 years, you may have to buy a blaster box just to get 1 insert and 1 rookie (like prestige).
    I will credit the customer service though. I got 6 blaster boxes on ebay, and 2 of them had no "hit" (auto, jersey, or points card). Of the 4 that did have hits, I got 2 pairs of duplicates. So I essentially got 2 hits from 6 blasters.Panini sent me 4 hits. One was a Bernard auto, and 1 was a Randle auto-patch. I am OK with that, and they were very fast about it.
    But for every silver lining, there is a grey cloud. I went to ebay and bid on a Aaron Rodgers gold zone #50/50. I won it for a lousy 0.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That tells me I was either way too lucky, or people just are not going after the stuff.
    I am going after each different parallel, and auto version (1 of each) from score and score hot rookies for Packers and my Iowa guys. I have only to get a few of the rare cards yet (#'d 15 or less) and I have not yet paid more than $5 for any of them. And I have a very nice collection so far. Nice as that sounds, it means buyer appeal is crashing.
    topps chrome will soar in price (especially once the rest of the free world knows that Topps will be gone in 2 years - most dont know it yet) for the next 2 years, collecting will BOOM for topps products, then the football card collecting world will go suddenly very quiet.
    Another thing that makes my unhappy about my collection is the "hot 100 cards". Having 2 of each good vet destroys thier value. I would MUCH rather have guys like M.Hyde, Boykin, etc.
    Remember when Pacific made cards? They always made a few guys that no one else did. Remember that awesome Kurt Warner rookie? The card that my buddy got a 100 lot of for $2.50, then Warner became $30 per card? No miraclew players now. No deep sleepers. You have to buy a rookie only product to get that now, and then you end up with 100 guys that never make a squad. Sorry, I dont want all those wasted cards like you get in HIT, SAGE, even upper deck is full of guys who never play a dang snap in the NFL.
    All I ask for is a little imagination. Panini will only include the top 4 vets from each team. People who collect a certain player, if that player is not a big name, they will be OUT OF LUCK.
    How about a 2500 card set, that includes EVERY player in the NFL? That set would be the only way to get odd players, lol.
    I can see it now: Panini retail master blaster box, with 250 vets, 2 rookies, and 1 insert.

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    Has Panini bought off Becketts yet? Cause if they dont, older topps cards should go up. I can see Becketts being bought off, and the prices of older topps cards supressed, all to sell the new Panini stuff. I certainly dont put it past them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeyefan6 View Post
    Has Panini bought off Becketts yet? Cause if they dont, older topps cards should go up. I can see Becketts being bought off, and the prices of older topps cards supressed, all to sell the new Panini stuff. I certainly dont put it past them.
    I don't even think Beckett bothers to adjust older cards anymore anyway. Either way they couldn't be bought out by Panini. Beckett was bought out by some mega media company from India so they have money to throw around.
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