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    Oilers Stuff! Messier, Coffey, Kurri, Purcell, RNH. Take my money!

    Okay, title is pretty straight forward. I'm looking to buy cards of the guys in the title. What I want is pretty specific though:

    Teddy Purcell: 2008-09 UD The Cup ARP RC /249.

    Jordan Eberle: Some kind of Patch / Auto. Manufacturer not important, neither is rarity. MUST be hard signed. MUST show him as an Oiler. Would prefer a nice piece from a logo or other patch (rather than a number or nameplate). NOTHING AT ALL from 2010-11 please (I do not want rookie year stuff). Would prefer 12-13 or 13-14.

    Paul Coffey: Interested in a nice Patch card.Could do Patch / Auto, but not necessary. If there is an auto, it must be hard signed. Patch has to clearly be from an Oilers jersey, and the pic must show him as an Oiler.... otherwise, don't want it.

    Mark Messier: Hard Signed, pictured as an Oiler. Interested in an Auto / GU but ONLY if the GU is clearly from an Oilers jersey. Would be interesting in an Auto & a GU card too, if the patch card was really nice piece (i.e. I've seen some real nice stuff from ITG Draft Prospects) but not signed.

    Now ONLY looking for a patch card. Must be an Oilers patch. Would do Patch / Auto - but Auto is not necessary. Just like the Coffey stuff above :)

    Jari Kurri: Looking for a nice patch card, or Patch / Auto card. Looking for stuff from the 06, 07, or 08 seasons. Must picture him as an Oiler, must be an Oilers patch. There were lots of cards around those three season with Oilers GU stuff of Kurri, that's why I mention the years - it's not that the year is important, it's just that I know those years have cards like what I want.

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: Future Watch Auto RC /999

    Like most people, yes I would prefer stuff from high end sets (Cup, Dominion, etc) but that's not necessary.

    Hopefule you've got something that fits what I'm looking for. Please post here with a scan, and an asking price, or PM me.

    Also, should mentioned, only looking for solo cards. Nothing multiplayer at this time. Thanks.
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    I know you said those guys but I feel you can't forget the GREAT ONE when it comes to the Oilers.

    I have made you a nice little lot of Mr. Gretzky.

    If you don't want it no worries man. I just thought I would give it a shot.

    I am asking a very good deal at $35 US for this lot for you.

    The gretzky team canada bottom right corner is dinged a bit so sorry for that. But every other card is in good shape.

    Please PM me if you want it.

    Thanks again, Frank.

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    Well, I have these 2 Eberle's from Dominion and one from the Cup...would sell one or both..PM with your interest..


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    Thanks for both the posts! Have a deal done for an Eberle (so he's now crossed out of the text, and removed from the title).

    Appreciate the offer on the Gretzky stuff, but nothing I can use there. Thanks though.

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    Have 11-12 Dual Enshrinements of Coffey/Messier and Kurri/Hartikainen all in Oilers jerseys, lmk if you;re interested pms work best.

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    Thank you for the offer, but I will pass. One more thing I should have mentioned in my OP (and I will now) only looking for single player cards at this time. Appreciate it though.

    Quote Originally Posted by slypig View Post
    Have 11-12 Dual Enshrinements of Coffey/Messier and Kurri/Hartikainen all in Oilers jerseys, lmk if you;re interested pms work best.

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    Hi I have this coffey auto hard signed
    My main wants are Lemieux, Crosby, Maatta, Good rookies...
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    Thanks for the offer, but I picked another Coffey Auto up already. Might be interested in a Patch / Auto still (depending on the patch, the set) and interested in a nice patch of him still for sure)

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