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    Value of Merriman Atomic Red RC #D 03/10

    I just won this Merriman RC last night.

    I got it for $9.25. Its a 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Atomic Red
    #D 03/10. Prices don't seem to high in general for most these cards but most aren't numbered that rare. I can't find a price or anything comparable to it. Anybody here have any ideas about what its BV might be? Becketts just says N/A.

    I also posted this in the "OFFICIAL EBAY FOOTBALL WINS THREAD!!! " but I noticed that thread is not very active, so am posting it as its own thread. I hope that isn't a problem here. I am pretty new to this forum.

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    I dont know about a value but im sure that it would be higher than 5x. The Reg. Value. Card #153 Shawne Merriman is $8 according to Beckett. So the Atomic Red Parallel for the Merriman could be in the range of $50-60. I could be lower than the actual, but im just guessing. Either way, you got yourself a good card for $10

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    Thanks for the reply. I figured I did good on the auction I just couldn't get a read on what the ball park value was. Thanks again.

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