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    Going to Toronto,Should I get 13/14 UD Series 1 or 2 case????

    Hi guys I am heading to Toronto this Wednesday and Thursday with the kids to visit Canadas Wonderland.
    While I am there I will be going to 401 Games to pick up a case to see if I have better luck in another store in another province
    besides my hometown in Montreal LOL!!!!
    So I am debating on whether I should get a 13/14 Upperdeck Series 1 or 2 case.
    Let me know your thoughts,pros and cons for both.
    The price quoted to me was so cheap that it is worth a case pickup.

    Your thoughts on this and thanks!

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    All the good rookies were in Series 1, I would say a case of Series 1.

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    I'd go with Series 1 as well. Yeah you're forfeiting the chance for an acetate YG but there's really not much else in S2 that will really bring in the joy of hitting a MacKinnon or other big rookie from Series 1.
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    Series 2...

    Series 1 is flooded....all those big rookies sell for nothing now.
    Series 2 harder to find and demand more. Underrated.

    But I'd rather get a case of something else.

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    series 1 is loaded as you know, but in series 2 its the chance of getting the acetate yg thats the draw to it.
    I think either way you will score some great hits on either ser1 or ser2

    of course you will lmk what penguins you pull and give me first crack at them, right!! (lol

    thanks and good luck
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    Tough one being the time of year, Young Guns diminish in the off season but then the guys who show up to play spike back up once hockey is started again.

    Series 2 like said above does have the acetate young guns, and some random buy back autos that could drive high dollars.

    Tough choice to be honest!

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    I would go with Series 1, so when you pull that Tomas Hertl Exclusives, you can trade it to me.
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    Don't forget about the retired canvas and canvas POE from series 2, as well as the acetate ygs. Series 2 is more of a risk I suppose and series 1 you're guaranteed a mackinnon yg but I think you'll need at least two and a few decent case hits to make series 1 worth it. As previously stated series 1 is flooded and the Mack yg is the only yg that fetches more than $10. Don't buy either if you're hoping to make you're money back....
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    I have had much better luck with series 2 in recent years. The hits they put into Series 2 is what attracts buyers because the best rookies are in series 1. With the exception of some late bloomers, but no one knows which Rookies will excel at this point and with that being said I favour Series 2 more than Series 1.

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