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    Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks Early Boxes of the New 2013-14 Prime Hockey

    As the Hobby Marketing Manager for Panini America, Iím supposed to appreciate all of our products in any sport equally. But when it comes to hockey, I have a confession to make: Thereís not on an NHL product on our roster that I love more than Prime Hockey. Itís one of my favorite products across all sports year in and year out ó and Iím a football guy. Prime Hockey has been a trailblazer from the day it first released three years ago and itís safe to say that the historic 2013-14 finale will keep that reputation intact.

    2013-14 Prime Hockey releases across North America tomorrow and once again the product delivers the majestic, multicolored memorabilia marvels that have become Primeís trademark. The unparalleled Prime Colors insert returns in all of its glory, as do the quad-memorabilia autograph RPAs (at the rate of at least one per box).
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    Thanks for sharing! These pics show an actual average break that you can expect!
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    I am not excited about the draft hats. I like jersey, patches, sticks, even skates and gloves. Things used to play the game. Not things that just happened to be worn by the player. Draft hats, draft boards, cut signatures and the like just feel too removed from the game for me.
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    The hat swatch reminds me of those tourist traps like "Abe Lincoln spent the night here' type places.

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    Don, how do they put the NAMESAKES cards together? Do they just cut up a bunch of nameplates and numbers that don't go on jerseys and have the player sign them? Its obvious they aren't "game-used."
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    What's more sought after?
    Genuine numbers?
    Genuine letters?
    Prime logos
    Prime patches

    All equal print/player

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