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Thread: Anyone Trading?

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    Anyone Trading?

    Looking for Clyde Drexlers

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    pm me for autographics big trade

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    I would be interested in these:
    Kirk Hinrick: SP Game Used Edition: Four on Four Fabric
    Wilt Chamberlain: Leaf artwork
    Wilt Chamberlain: Prizm Red/white/blue

    Here is what I have available of Clyde:
    '07 Stadium Club #84 (1529/1999)
    '10 Donruss #5 MAsters (925/999)

    I also have alot of base/inserts/parrel cards:
    PM me and I will send a list.

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    Hi Tom,

    Wilt 1/1 gone and Four on Four.


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    interested with Jordan Hill auto... have these Drexlers if you need them.. also have tons of his base/inserts if you are interested... i will move them for some trade bait just incase

    13-14 Select SELECT SWATCHES GU

    13-14 Elite #299 #d 668/999
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    I can use the select or the inserts but looking only auto for the Hill. Thanks :-)

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