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Thread: Looking for Maurice DREW

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    Looking for Maurice DREW

    Hey, I'm looking to pick up Maurice Drew Auto or GU. Really looking to trade and can't buy unless it is a steal (and I mean STEAL). Take a look on my site, and check out stuff you might want in return for your Drew.

    I would also be looking for Drew RCs that aren't Sage HIT, Aspire, Sage HIT Design for Success or Sage HIT The Write Stuff.

    LMK, thanks

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    got a press pass drew auto ($25). I like your shaun alexander leather & laces card ($20). maybe you could throw in a $5 card with it for the drew. lmk.

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    Yeah I can do that, what kind of $5 would you be looking for in return?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bballplayr366
    Yeah I can do that, what kind of $5 would you be looking for in return?
    I like Seahawks. could you also send me a scan of the alexander leather & laces? thanks.

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    My dad just pulled a Maurice Drew Aspire Signature. I have yet to see it, nor do i know what it is worth. What is it worth to you?

    I am into Rookies mainly.

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    It's probably worth $15-$20. I can offer a 1998 Pacific Peyton Manning RC for it. I'll also throw in a 1999 Upper Deck MVP- Daunte Culpepper. LMK.

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    Well, I don't have it yet, but I should in the next two weeks. (he lives in New Jersey).

    I am not interested in any Pacific product. I noticed you had a Bowman Peyton Rookie Card though. Your thoughts on that?

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    sorry for the long wait.....

    Cbprowler- I would rather keep the Bowman Peyton, but if its the only thing we can work out, I might do that. The Drew ASPIRE Auto BV is $15. I also have a Reggie Bush Sage HIT RC and a decent sum of Culpeppers. I also have a large assortment of other rookies as well. LMK.

    jlepa- any thoughts????

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