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Thread: Who wants commons?

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    Who wants commons?

    I need to get rid of several thousand commons. I doubt that anyone will want them. I have Football, Basketball & Baseball. Not sure what to do. No hospitals around here want them. I may just give the shredder a work out. Any other suggestions?

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    ...or you could do what I do and just give them away. I started a FREE cards thread on the forum here not to long ago and it's been going well ever since. I basically just have the person cover the shipping. I'm happy, they're happy and I don't have any extra singles just sitting around collecting dust.

    Of the people that usually take them off my hands are a couple of teachers, a vending machine owner, a card shop owner and the others are just people that like to build sets :)

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    Hey Ron!!! I Have Riley Hospital for Children here in Indy that Probably would take them... PM Me & LMK Buddy....

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

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    I made a deal for the Baseball.

    And the rest are going to John (Trains975) who is going to take them to Riley Children's Hospital.

    Thanks to all that replied. Didn't think I could unload these that fast!

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