Well I have noticed latly that several members in the armed forces are being sent overseas. So I thought why not have a "support your troops" thing from the members of SCF.

Heres what I will need first. If you know someone that is on a tour of duty please post the name, rank, address, and what they collect in this thread.

I am only taking overseas addresses at the moment but might change this depending on the number of people being entered.

Every week or month I will put their name and address up here and hopefully some of you as well as myself will send them a card depending on what they collect. I figure for less than $10 shipping each one of us can help to brighten the day of that particular troop so they can get a taste of home and a card of someone they collect.

If 10% of SCF sent out a package, that would mean that the person would recieve close to 1000 different letters each containg a card/s and deffinatly help to put a smile on there face.

Any feedback on this idea and any names of people who this involves would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if you would be willing to send a card to the troop listed once a week or once a month depending.

I would sugguest not sending cards worth more than $30 do to the fact of who knows if they will get it.

How this is going to work will alter in the near future depending on amount of names and what ever I or you feel would be a good idea.

Would the mods sticky and possibly take the thread over for better organization.

let me know.