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    Just got money....Looking for a "Cheap" Wade RC

    I just got $23 today, and now I have $40+ cash. Who wants it? I am looking for a Wade RC, like any of the following, so plmk what you got! Thanks!

    Fleer Tradition
    UD Rookie Exclusives
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I have 3 different wade ud exclusives triple rc's. Also have the UD Exclusives #1 Lebron rc.

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    what are the triple rcs? I just know of the UD Rookie Exclusives RC , I think #5. I need the Bron. PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    duh my bad there are the tirple rc's from Topps Matrix not Exclusives. PM me if interested.

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    I have the Rookie Exclusives card #5 if you need it make me an offer on it. Actually I have 7 of them total so if you need more than one...

    I also have some of the Matrix triple rookies too if you need any of those.
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    I have a Dwyane Wade UD MVP RC Graded BGS 9.5 with Subgrades of 10, 9.5, 9.5, and 9.5!

    PLMK if interested

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    bilsd1818- who else is on the triple RCs besides Wade?

    Nickademus- how much do you really want for just 1?

    kobe12- sorry, but right now, I can't afford a Wade graded RC that is a good grade. Thanks tho!

    PLMK guys! thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Reggie Miller: check my tradepage for the Wade rcs...
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    justpete23- how much are you looking for on it?

    cardlover2006- how much for your cheapest Wade RC?

    plmk. Thanks guys!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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