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    Thumbs up Dwyane Wade Auto RC BGS 9.5 auto 10

    Hey everyone,

    There's currently a card on E-Bay of Dwyane Wade. It's a RC autograph "Scripts for Success" from SP Authentic. The last one sold for over $300 before Wade won the NBA Finals MVP. Take a look and bid on this one. It's truly a 1-of-a-kind. There aren't too many graded this well of Wade's rookie card. I know the person who is selling it, and he's very credible. The item number is 250000552745. It's a BGS graded 9.5 and the autograph is a perfect 10. You won't be disappointed with this card.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    You could have just linked the whole auction and said you wanted some peoples to bid on them.. So it could sell high!!

    Great card man..

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