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    Question Where is the cheapest place to get decent bubble mailers?

    I need bubble mailers but have never bought them in bulk before. I dont want cheap white ones. I want decent ones. Where would be the cheapest place?

  2. Kronozio
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    my local card store sells umm at 25 cents a peice maby check there

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    lol just recycle. I have probably 100 of these just because every card on ebay is sent in one. Next time you buy a card do not throw the envelope away. Save it for when you need to send something out. Save the trees.

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    Like darthtampon just recycle. on trades i just reuse by putting the bubble mailer in another bigger yellow envelopes.

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    I do that too! I reuse them all the time. Sometimes people gripe about it though. I've used up almost all the ones I had saved. I'm selling more than I'm buying right now, trying to thin out my collection. That's why I was asking. Thanks everybody.

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