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Thread: The Police

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    Jay, you've just proven to me exactly where your head is, though I thought that physically impossible. You should join the circus.

    Seriously, you don't read, you're being confrontational for no reason, why should I care what you think or say?

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    Funny thing is we are going on over 2 weeks of this discussion and not ONE graph or talk of numbers has been discussed. I mean just like believing in Santa (which I do) who believes in a perfect world?????????????? SO since it is not I guess there are not stats because they are lower than some think.
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    wick, you have no clue on how the police do their job or how the "rules" for police are made. The article you posted and your defense of it proves it. The cops at the top" have little to do with the attitude or behaviors of the police on the street, they do not train them, give them assignments, nor watch them all day long.
    every person who posted an experience on here had nothing to complain about, at the most a slight inconveinence. You and duane had police who had it out for you, I believe duane use to go by acid baby and your blog was about smoking pot, if I was a cop I would be looking after you two as well.
    You would not be able to handle the job of an inner city police officer and no one on here knows what it is like to be hated and feared by the people you are trying to help. The real proof is in the numbers and anyone who can do some simple math knows the issues with police are no different than the issues with any other group, but since the police are on the front line and the media is looking for a story at any cost, they constantly get accused of a bunch of nonsense, they get judged before anyone knows the story, they get lied about, they get treated bad, and people wonder why some of them have an attitude?
    There is no reason to fear a cop if you are doing nothing wrong, this is not the movies or some classless novel.
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