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    OT: a great trade just finished: includes my jackie gu!

    Make a long story short, i emailed him and he said yes.

    I get:
    2006 topps Triple Threads:
    Ernie Banks triple jersey /18
    Derrek Lee Triple jsy/auto(all 3 have stripes) /18
    Kerry Wood triple patch /18(one has 4 colors, 2 have 2 colors)

    He Gets:
    My Jackie GU

    I think its a good deal(for me) IMO

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    Namewise, yes you did well. But did you check the Triple Threads in the beckett? I didn't think they ended up booking that high.

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    yeah banks is 50+ i think, wood is maybe same with patches idk yet, and teh lee might be 60 or 80. SO BV wise I came out well. I buy at 1/2 bv usually. So the lee for jackie and maybe some extra $ is a good deal and they are low #ed ven though highly populated but nice looking cards IMO!

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