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    I know its not much but $4.65 for best card!

    Looking to see what offer I get for $4.65...... I am mainly looking at GU's and if possible and Auto...

    LMK what you have and what you can give!

    Money is cash only and I am open to any reasonable offer!

    Thanx guys!!

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    Is this PayPal or not and is that all you have to spend?

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    ill give you a 04 dunta robinson r&s rookie jsy /750 (true base rookie) for $4 interest in 65 cents in change...lmk

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    sorry not paypal........

    I know it isn't much but this is all I want to spend right now and just want to see what I can get for it!


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    ok, if it was paypal i would make an offer! Thanks

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    no porb -

    Proudest MOnkey - What is the card number?

    I will take a look but want to see what other offers I get...


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    Bradlee Van Pelt 04 Topps Chrome #264 for $4.65


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