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    raffle for amare stoudamire mvp rc BV8... tickets are only 20 CC

    i am raffling off a 02-03 amare stodamire mvp rc BV8. tickets are only 20 CC each!!!!. i need to sell at least 10 tickets though. only 20 CC. that's nothing. if you want to buy a ticket(s) just say how many you want and i'll tell you if i have sold 10 tickets. as soon as i sell 10 tickets you must pay me. or you can offer me card cash straight up for it. lmk


    aol sn - trevz1989

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    everyone's copying me now with the raffle idea after I did it with my elton brand jsy. lol. 10 tickets of 20 CC, that's what I asked for my brand jsy and I only sold 2 tickets, so good luck sellinjg them for this rc. I would buy a ticket, but I already have this card. Good luck with the raffle tho. :)

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    haha. i probably wont sell any but i might as well try. lmk bout the jay will asap.


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