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    Card Cash to spend On hockey card!!

    I am looking for 1 nice card. A rookie, a jersey, an auto or whatever. I am willing to use all of my card cash in exchange for a card. Please hit me with your best offers Guys.

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    98/99 BAP saku Kiovu auto
    01/02 UDYG Dan Blackburn rc
    02/03 Anton Volchenkov Black refractor rc31/100
    02/03? Belfour Playmakers gu (white)

    I'll trade one of these for your cardcash..lmk

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    i would be interested in the blackburn rookie and the koivu jersey.

    How much are you looking for??

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    hmm i will have to think if i want to spend it all on one of those cards.

    Could other people make me some offers if you have any cards. I think i am leaning towards getting a rookie card.

    Thanks guys

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    for 150 cc i will give you a $3 lidstrom rookie and a few other rookies

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    sorry BBallin240 i've got 5 or 6 of those already. But thank you for the offer

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