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Thread: good plac to have tradesite?

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    good plac to have tradesite?

    I currently do my Tradesite through freewebs and don't really like it...

    Does anyone know of a free site that I can have my page on?


  2. Kronozio
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    I like mine, freewebs is starting to have more options and you can't beat free. hope you find what you want.

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    If you have a scanner or a digital camera, alot of people are making the swtich from freewebs over to Photobucket. Seems to be an easy, free, straight-foward site.


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    mattyfatty - if you do photobucket do you have to put pictures or can you just list your cards??

    I don't have a scanner nad my Camera is broken

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    You would have to upload pictures, and you can put a description above it. So I guess you're out-of-luck going the Photobucket route.


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    isn't your tradesite on webspawner right now?

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    Good call...I think the 2 may be geting confused as webspawner says "Free webpages" at the top. is a seperate site, and has to be the #1 site for a mryiad of reasons...Free, user friendly, options, little downtime, etc..
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    mmy bad....I was just checking out freewebs and it was in my mind but I do use Webspawner

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