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    Looking for information on a Brett Favre card

    The card is pennant shaped, yellow(or maybe gold), and is number 1. The front says Playoff Contenders 1996.

    I have not been an avid collector for 10 years, so I am out of touch. I could have sworn this was an insert card, but I am not seeing any information about it anywhere.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks to me like your card is this one:

    1996 Playoff Contenders Pennants 1 Brett Favre R $12.50 $30.00

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    Thanks for the quick reply. That sounds like the right card. The price has no fluctuated at all in the last ten years either.
    I think that was what it was going for when I was into the hobby too.

    Thanks again!

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    A card like that for a proven player will not likely fluctuate much at all.

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