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Thread: Is this legit?

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    Is this legit?

    Just wondering if anyone can verify if this card is legit or could it be a fake?

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    The problem with printing plates especially those of companies that are out of business is that they are heavily faked. With the printers now you can just find a piece of metal the size of a printing plate and print your own for any card. There have been ridiculous examples of fake stuff posted on eBay for plates such as a Honus Wagner "plate" from 100 years ago. So this Jordan may or may not be real but I would never bid on it especially since he won't take the time to authenticate it.
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    I would be very skeptical if this was a real printing plate.
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    Super sketchy
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    The seller could have this authenticated and practically ask whatever he wants for the plate. Trust your gut instincts. If you had to ask if it was legit, you are probably not comfortable buying it in the first place.

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