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RC's - listed by year!

'05 RC's - '05 RC's
Matt Jones UD Rookie Kickoff
Roddy Write UD rookie Kickoff
Corey Webster - Donruss leaf rc and stars
Scott Starks - Donruss leaf rc and stars
Travis Daniels - Topps Total
Alvin Pearman (x2)(1 with silver trim 1 with white trim)-Topps Total
Oshiomogho Atogwe - Topps Total
Donte Nicholson - Topps Total
Ciatrick Fason - Topps Total
Alex Smith - Topps Total
Troy Williamson/Ciatrick Fason - donruss leaf rookies & stars nfl checklist
Chris Canty - Donruus leaf rookies and stars
Karl Payman - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Manuel Wright - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Antonio Perkins - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Robert McCune - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Cedric Killings - donruss leaf rookies & stars true green #d 097/100
Alex Smith - donruss leaf rookies & stars slideshow 0648/1250

'04 RC's - '04 RC's
DARIUS WATTS - Topps /999
Playoff Prestige Round 2
Upper Deck Star Rookie
TATUM BELL - Topps Draft Picks and Prospects
Playoffs Prestige Round 2
Fleer Tradition
Fleer Platnium /499

'03 RC's - '03 RC's
Chris Simms - press pass JE
Brian St. Pierre - UD Rookie Premeires
J.R. Tolver - Topps
Rohan Davey - UD rookie premieres
Musa Smith - UD Rookies premieres
Shaun Mcdonald - UD
Bethel Johnson - Topps
Andre Johnson - Press Pass JE
Byron Leftwich - Topps Total
Byron Leftwich - Press Pass JE (checklist)
Michael Haynes - Topps Total
Talman Gardner - UD Star Rookies
Seneca Wallace - UD rookie Premieres
Shane Walton - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Eugene Wilson - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Onterrio Smith - Press Pass JE
Brad Banks - Topps
Lee Suggs - UD Star Rookies
Labrandon Toefield - UD MVP
Justin Fargas - UD rookie premeires
Anquan Boldin - Fleer Ultra

'02 RC's - '02 RC's
Ashley Lelie - Fleer skybox genuine Upside /599
T.J. Duckett - Bowman
Antwaan Randle El - Pacific Draft
Antwaan Randle El - Score
Kyle Johnson - Bowman
Donald Reche Caldwell - Score
Donald Reche Caldwell - UD MVP
Donald Reche Caldwell - Topps Resreve /999
Justin Peele - Bowman
Antonio Bryant - UD MVP
Chad Hutchingson - Bowman
Chester Taylor - Score
Chester Taylor - UD MVP
Anthony Weaver - Score
Patrick Ramsey - UD Honor Roll Students of the Game
Patrick Ramsey - Topps
Patrick Ramsey - Bowman
Jason Mcaddley - Bowman
Eric Crouch - Bowman
Brandon Doman - UD MVP
Daniel Grahm - Bowman
Josh Mccown - Bowman
Josh Scobey - Score
Freddie Milons - Bowman
Brian Westbrook - Score
Javon Walker - Bowman
Javon Walker - Score
Mike Williams - Score
Mike Williams - Press Pass JE
Marquise Walker - Bowman
Jabar Gaffney - Press Pass JE
Jabar Gaffney - Score
Jabar Gaffney - Topps
Jon Mcgraw - Bowman
Maurice Morris - UD Honor Roll Students of the Game
Ross Tucker - Bowman
lito Sheppard - Score
Josh Reed - Press Pass JE
David Garrard - Bowman
David Garrard/Rohan Davey - Fleer/skybox
Wendell Bryant - UD Football Freshman Honor Roll /1375
Tank Williams - Bowman
Andre Davis - Score
William Green - Score
Lamont Thompson - Score
Tim Carter - Score
Joey Harrington - Score
Cliff Russel/Chester Taylor - Fleer/skybox
Cliff Russel - Press Pass JE
Ladell Betts - Press Pass JE
David Carr - Pacific Adrenaline
Phillip Buchanon - Score
Raonall Smith - Score
Cwight Freeney - Score

'01 RC's - '01 RC's
Anthony Thomas - UD Victory
Justin Mccareins - UD Rookie Watch
Gerard - UD Victory
Chad Johnson - UD Victory

'00 RC's - '00 RC's
Plaxico Burres - Fleer/skybox Impact
Laveranues Coles - UD MVP
Ron Dayne - fleer/skybox Impact

'99 RC's - '99 RC's
Champ Bailey - Collectors Edge

'98 RC's -'98 RC's
Brian Griese - Fleer Brilliants

'97 RC's - '97 RC's
Charles Woodson - Collectors Edge
Peter Boulware - Pinnacle
Jake Plummer - Pinnacle

'89 RC's - '89 RC's
Troy Aikman - Pro Set
Troy Aikman - Topps
Deion Sanders - Score
Deion Sanders - Topps

'88 RC's - '88 RC's
Vinny Testaverde - Topps Super rookie
Bo Jackson - Topps Super rookie

Terrel Davis '04 Donruss PLayoffs Hogg Heaven Material Hogg 061/150
Tatum Bell Marks of Fame Auto/GU
2001 Fleer Ultra Skybox Rod Smith Sundays Best Game Jersey

Howard Griffith '99 Fleer Skybox Autographics
D.J. Williams '04 Donruss Playoff Hogg Heaven Pig Pens (RC)

Nice Inserts:
2005 Donruss Terrell Davis/John Elway/Rod Smith Throwback Threads Dynasty
2005 Donruss Classics John Ewaly/Jake Plummer Past & Present /500
1999 Upper Deck Terrell Davis TD Salute
2004 Topps Bowman Chrome Jake Plummer /500
Daunte Culpepper Playoffs Absolute Memoribilia Spectrum #d 010/150
Micheal Vick - 2003 (skybox) Fleer Ultra Award Winner
Marshall Faulk -UD MVP top ten performers
Quadry Ismail - UD Ionix
Doug Williams - Topps Super Bowl XXII MVP Ring of Honor
Micheal Strahan - UD MVP top ten performers
Tim Couch - UD MVP Term MVP
Randy Moss - fleer/skybox Impact rewind 99
Jerry Rice - UD power surge
Jerome Bettis - fleer/skybox authority football
Fred Taylor - UD MVP strictly buisness
Elvis Joseph - UD Honor Roll Standout Sophmores
Tom Brady - Topps Chrome weekly wrap up
Ricky Watter - fleer/skybox genuine
Tshimanga Biakabutuka - pacific
Tony Gonzalez - fleer/skybox impact rewind 99
Juinor Seau - fleer/skybox tradition throwbacks
Brett Favre - tpps hobby hasters - Pinnacle instincts
Mcnabb - UD super powers
P. Manning
Preist Holmes Total Production (nice card!!)- Topps Total

Triple Threats
Arizona Cardinals - Plummer/Jones/Boston
Kansas City Chiefs - Green/Holmes/Morton
New Orleans Saints - Brooks/McCalister/Horn
Denver broncos - Griese/Davis/Smith


2002-03 Fleer Premium Court Collection Shawn Marion
2003-04 Topps Cont. Coll. Performance Tribute Triples Steve Francis/Baron Davis/J-Rich (#'d 012/250)
T-Mac UD ESPN Swatch
Lamar Odom UD ESPN Swatch
2005-06 First Row PTP Relics Dual Steve Nash


Cards -
Steve Ontiveros (signed in Person)
Jay bell (signed in person)
Ron Coomer (Signed in person)
Mark Mulder (signed in person)
Baseballs -
Ron Coomer Game Used ball (signed in person)

Randy Johnson Upper Deck Sweet Spot Threads
2005 Leaf Century Collection Michael Young Jersey/Stamp #24/69
2003 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Single Swatch Carlos Delgado Jsy/Chavez
04 UD Diamond Collection Dean's List Vladimir Guerrero Jsy w/stripe

Baseball RC's - Baseball RC's
Mark Mcgwire - Topps Commemorative reprint
Randy Johnson - Score
Deion Sanders - UD
Nic Ungs - Topps
Zack Greinke/Jimmy Gobble - Topps future Stars
Khalil Greene/bernie Castro - Topps Future Stars
Blake Hawksworth - Topps
Andy Benes - Donruss Rated Rookie
Alex Sanchez - Donruss Rated Rookie
Sandy Alomar Jr. - Donruss Rated Rookie
Marquis Grissom - Donruss rated Rookie
Greg Vaughn - Donruss Rated Rookie
Greg Vaughn UD
Ken Griffey Jr. Donruss Diamond Kings
Frank Thomas - Score 1st round pick