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    A BIG CALL for all you STEVE NASH!

    Looking for Steve Nash
    I am interested in GU's, RC's, and Auto's....

    I am mostly interested in NAsh on the Suns but maybe on the MAvs!

    I might be interested in base if you have a big lot that you aren't asking much for in trade...

    LMK what you have!


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have his press pass rc...i like your alex smith slideshow

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    wat smith?

    If you are talking about the Alex smith it is gone..

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    alright how about the matt jones ud rookie kickoff or an aikman rc (could u give me bv's)

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    The Matt Jones is bv $3 and I don't have the Aikman anymore(i don't think)

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    how about the jake plummer and matt jones or bo jackson whichever you choose lmk thx

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