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    03 Elite Larry Johnson #27/500 bv $50 FT

    Opening up the pc a little to see if anyone will trade with me.

    01 EX Chad Johnson #951/1250 $25
    01 Pro's and Prospect's Chad Johnson #397/1000 $40
    03 Elite Larry Johnson #27/500 $50
    01 Focus numbers LaDainian Tomlinson #321/369
    05 Elite aspirations Braylon Edwards #/99 $60

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Like all but the Chad's (hate to leave you hanging on those, lol)... see my bucket I have an LT dual G/U and 2 03 LJ G/U on there... LJ's are on page 2, BTW

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    like ur larry johnson rc and chad johnson check my bucket
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    justsandersplease- Only thing i saw of interest is the Kirby Puckett bat. What is the bv of it.

    Ray- saw a few cards i need for my set's, but none i'd trade any Johnson cards for. If you wanted to check my tradelist or the "mailday" thread i posted earlier today for anything, maybe we could work a deal. Thanks!!

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    Got it, need to know if Bryant is in Browns Uni and also what $10 GU you may have of Pit/Cle current players any sport pictured in, and piece of, current uni...

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    Like the LJ

    01 pacific dynagon PSA Gem mint 10 rookie bv??~~~$25 dlvd
    01 ultra rookie 185/2499 bv$30~~~$12 dlvd
    01 titanium rookie #77 454/795 bv$25~~~$10 dlvd

    01 quantum leaf #210 bv$12
    01 quantum leaf rookie revolution 1988/4000 bv$8
    01 fleer hot prospects pigskin prospects bv$10
    01 pacific impressions renderings bv$6
    01 crown royale 21st century rookies bv$8
    01 press pass big numbers bv$6
    01 topps bv$6
    01 ud vintage bv$6
    01 upper deck e-card(unscratched) bv$10
    all for $26 dlvd or all tomlinson rookies for $65 dlvd

    Ernie Sims:
    06 elite aspirations 42/66 $13 dlvd

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    Coty- Like the Ultra. Which cards were you after?

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    Like the LJ elite...anything i can add for it? PM me a list of elite rookies,aspirations,staus that you have if you want

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