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    Graded High End RC's, GU RC, AUTO For Sale!

    Hi im fairly new to this site and I wasa wondering if anybody was intrested in anything on my site. I have a whole different variety of cards from vintage graded to game used to autos for sale or possibly a trade. Dont hesitate at all to let me know what interests you and hopefully we can work out a deal. Thanks.

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    Please check my tradelist (Under my username on left hand side of screen) for the Ryan Howard XRC. Thanks!!

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    Donruss Class of 2001 Rookie Mark Prior #413/625
    2001 Upper Deck PP Johnson/Maddux Dual GU Bat Card

    i liked these what dothey book for and check my site

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    Prior books 40

    Johnson/maddux bat books 20-25

    sry didnt see anything on site mainly looking for paypal

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