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    Thumbs up If I had this card I think I'd ruin it by drooling all over it!

    ....If only I had the money. The more I look, the more I want it.

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    nice card, but seems to be way overpriced. Maybe I'm wrong, I only collect baseball

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    Yea I have always loved the way that the jersey/autos in that set look.

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    that is a pretty sick patch though. but way over priced.


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    Yes, it is overpriced, but I am a vick fanatic...i could care less. lol

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    That is exactly what the seller is hoping for. :)

    I wouldnt sell that card if I had it. I would just flaunt/flash it at Vick fanatics every so often.


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    Its over priced because hes looking for someone to make and offer. I doubt he thinks someone will buy it for that.

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    Yeah, I've seen almost the exact same thing for around $1350

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