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    To anyone with outstanding deals with wayneclabaugh2

    I have been in contact with Wayne and am trying to help him get everyting straight. He has had a couple rough patches to work through, but is doing his best to catch up.
    If you have a deal that is still incomplete, PM me with what the trade was and what Wayne owes you.
    I have a feeling that Wayne will be compensating everyone pretty well for the delay.

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    I have passed along a couple deals to Wayne. He is working to fix everything right now.
    We have talked a lot over the last couple days and Wayne just wanted me to tell everyone the following:
    He really doesn't care if people won't trade with him anymore...he understands that people thought he just got stuff and ran off. BUT he ran into some problems with roommates and family that he wasn't expecting, and had to move. Now that he has his life straight, he is back to make sure everything here is fixed.
    He is very sorry for all delays and he said he will fix everything. He wants to make sure that everyone knows he is NOT a scammer and that he will make sure that everyone gets what they are owed (or a very fair compensation).

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