What I have for trade -

Chrome X-Fractor Matt Joyce Prospect 166/250
Michael Young Gold
Casey Craig RC Gold
Oliver Perez Gold 102
Hanley Ramirez Gold RC 204
Michael Ekstrom Gold RC B42
Lee Mitchell Gold RC B95
Kevin Ool Gold RC B73
Matt Tolbert Gold B41
Mark Trumbo Gold B14
Luis Pena Gold B29
Matt Joyce Gold B70
Rafael Furcal Gold 92
Roger Clemens Gold 90
Rafael Rodriguez Blue Border Parallel RC 44/500 - (The superfractor of this player just sold on ebay for over $100)
Mike Connolly RC Blue Border Parallel 424/500
Max Ramirez Prospect Blue Border Parallel 68/500
Kevin Millwood Blue Border Parallel 157/500

I NEED the Gordons - regular and chrome.
I'm also looking for any Garrabrants. - I really need a white border and any refractors.