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Thread: Looking for encased cards


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    Looking for encased cards

    I'm looking for encased cards circulated or uncirculated.

  2. Kronozio
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    Check my site for topps chrome uncirculated dbls.

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    Are all the topps chrome uncirculated encased??? If so I would be interested

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    Yeah, matter of fact give me a few minutes and I'll get you a list of all the encased cards I have. I'll get back to you in a little while.

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    check my site I have some e-topps cards that are encased uncirculated!

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    thanks a lot for letting me know but I dont like e-topps.

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    I have a 03-04 UD Lebron James Naxcom Exclusive uncirculated RC. LMK if interested. TY

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    how much does it book for. I might be interested in it.

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    I'll have to see what it books for and let you know. I think it is around $20-$25, but not exactly sure.

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