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Thread: Wanting to sell all!!!!

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    Wanting to sell all!!!!

    Im wanting to sell everything I have, or trade for PC stuff. There is a card show coming up next weekend in my area, and i want some extra cash to buy stuff. Make offers.

    Game Used:
    -2004 Fleer Tradition Gridiron Tributes Jersey card Ricky Williams
    -2004 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage jersey card Fred Taylor
    -2004 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys Correll Buckhalter
    -2004 Playoff Prestige Stars of the NFL Deuce McAllister jersey
    -2005 Upper Deck Rookie Future Jerseys Reggie Brown
    -2004 topps chrome Pro Bowl jersey Todd Heap
    -2004 Topps DP and P Big Dogs Keary Colbert
    -2004 Fleer Authentix Hot Ticket jersey Jeremy Shockey
    -2004 Fleer Authentix General Admission Brian Westbrook
    -2004 Fleet Authentix Club Box Chad Johnson #'ed 24/25 HTG
    -2005 Ultra First Rounders Jersey Michael Vick #'ed 9/150
    -2002 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Antonio Freeman
    -2005 Fleer Ultra TD Kings jersey Peyton Manning
    -2006 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Pros Tom Brady #'ed 179/250
    -2006 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage Donanick Davis
    -2002 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Eric Moulds
    -2005 Fleer Ultra TD Kings jersey Jamal Lewis
    -1992 Classic Autograph Tommy Maddox
    -2006 Press Pass D'Brickashaw Ferguson (red ink)
    -2006 Press Pass Brad Smith
    -2006 Press Pass Maurice Drew 200/200
    -2006 Press Pass Skyler Green
    -2006 Press Pass Leon Washington
    -2005 Upper Deck Foundations Exclusives David Carr #'ed 22/99
    -2004 Fleer Authentix Terrell Owens #'ed 59/100
    -2003 Fleer Authentix Terrell Suggs balcony #'ed 141/250
    -2003 Fleer Authentix Kevin Curtis #'ed 460/1250
    -2003 Fleer Authentix Tyrone Calico #'ed 612/1250
    -2003 Fleer Authentix Charlie Garner Club box #'ed 64/100
    -2003 Fleer Authentix Warren Sapp Balcony #'ed 121/250
    -2004 Fleer Authentix Matt Shaub #'ed 25/75
    -2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Tab Perry #'ed 54/75
    -2004 Fleer Authentix Patrick Ramsey #'ed to 1250
    -2004 Fleer Authentix Jeremy Shockey #'ed to 1250
    -2002 Fleer Authentix LaDainian Tomlinson #'ed to 150
    -2005 Ultra Aaron Rodgers Lucky 13 #'ed 13/599
    -2006 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage Byron Leftwich #'ed 12/25

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    I like these

    2006 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Pros Tom Brady #'ed 179/250
    2005 Ultra First Rounders Jersey Michael Vick #'ed 9/150
    2006 Press Pass D'Brickashaw Ferguson (red ink)

    If i remember correctly you are a Suns fan (i could be wrong) would you have any interest in this

    Ud trilogy Shawn Marion auto bv25

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    what is the general admission brian westbrook jsy numbered to

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