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Thread: Ryan Zimmerman auto for sale

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    Ryan Zimmerman auto for sale

    I am selling a 2006 Sweet Spot Signatures RC auto of Ryan Zimmerman. It is the red and blue stitching #ed/ 29/99. I am looking for the best offer so if you are interested send me a PM with an offer. Thanks

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    The set must be too new... Becketts doesn't have any pricings for it yet

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    I've only seen 1 or 2 final sales of the same card on Ebay and they went between 55 and 60$ I believe

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    Id love to take a shot at it. DO you know how much you would take, I might have 50 bucks for it, but can we do a cash/card deal and knock the price down to 35? PLMK

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    Cubs fan! sorry I am only looking for cash on this one unless I can get some pretty nice cards

    Any one else interested before I list it on Ebay?

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    Is anyone else interested before I list it on Ebay?

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